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EMF and Smart Meters: Things You Should Know

EMF And Smart Meters: Things You Should Know

Years ago, meter reading was a nightmare to the utility providing company. They have to trek Miles just to read the meters for electricity or water usage. With the advancement of technology, the meter is now being replaced with a smart meter. Smart meters monitor electricity consumption and transmit the usage information to the wireless meter reader, as they drive through.

This Smart Meter EMF Protection will create some awareness of the various types of radio frequency known as EMF radiation around us. Being knowledgeable about emf protection at home or office should be our concern. While convenient, this is problematic for anyone looking to reduce their home’s EMF levels.

EMF and Smart Meters

Smart meters transmit data through wireless, allowing the utility companies to track your usage, install software, or even turn off your electricity all without ever having to physically go to your home. Unfortunately, the trade-off for this convenience is the emission of RF signals. RF signals in high enough quantities are a known carcinogen. There is more research needed to determine the effects of lower levels, but the American Cancer Society acknowledges that there is a possible cancer risk from the use of smart meters.

Side Effects of EMF Radiation

Smart meters increase the overall level of EMF radiation found in your home. Those experiencing EMF overload, EMF radiation can cause dizziness, insomnia, itchiness, and a variety of other symptoms. Those experiencing these symptoms may notice immediate relief when they enter an area with lower EMF levels.
Another risk of long-term EMF exposure from smart meters is cancer. EMF radiation has been linked to leukemia, glioma, and other serious and often fatal forms of cancer. EMF stimulates tumor growth in susceptible individuals, as well.

Trifield – EMF Meter Model TF2

Minimizing Exposure

It can be difficult to minimize your exposure to smart meters because often the consumer has very little say over what kind of meter the utility company uses. They are usually upgraded overtime on a municipality-wide basis, so odds are if you have one, so does your entire community. Most cities will not allow you to buy and install your own meter, particularly if the city is using smart meter technology. That would translate to more work for their employees, who would then have to take manual readings at certain houses.

If you live in an area that requires the use of smart meters, you can try and reduce the overall level of EMF radiation in your home by following some common standards such as:

  1. Going wired
  2. Turning your cell phone off when not in use
  3.  Disabling Bluetooth on all your devices .

Investing in a high-quality EMF detector is also a good idea, so you know which devices are producing EMF.

emf reading
You can also invest in a smart meter cover. These covers go over your smart meter and help reduce some of the EMF radiation emitted by the device.

Smart Meter Guard EMF Protection

Smart meter guard emf shield cover receives great reviews online and has a price tag of $70. The cover attaches over your smart meter, and it is made from high-quality stainless steel that won’t rust or break over time. This EMF Cover is an investment, but it is also a product that is built to withstand harsh weather conditions. If you live in an area that experiences cold and snowy winters, this is a great cover to consider.

Smart Meter Guard EMF Shield

Faraday Cage Shield

Pure goods’ Faraday Cage is a cheaper alternative for anyone looking for EMF protection. Similar in style and design to Smart Meter Guard’s cover, the Faraday Cage is a cover designed for electric meters in particular. This cover will cost you $40, so if you’re on a budget or live in a calmer climate, this may be a great option to consider.

Smart meter use for emf protection is growing in popularity, so it’s important to know how to protect your family and home. Invest in a smart meter cover and lower your home’s overall EMF radiation levels to reduce the risk of EMF-related sickness is a wise decision. Blocking Smart Meter EMF Radiation From Your Home is the best choice.

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Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is harmful to humanity. The search to protect human life has been a long-standing issue. We live daily with devices that emit EMF radiation such as laptops, cell phones, microwaves, among others. I believed sharing my research on this can help create awareness in the world and also help protect us from the unseen radiation.

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