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Environmental Concern On EMF

Environmental Concern On EMF

Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) are areas of energy that are invisible and formed as a result of an electric charge. Daily in our lives, we encounter EMF and become exposed to it through the use of cell phones, home appliances, computers, electric substations, power lines, and some other electronic gadgets which we make use of in our activities. People worry about the exposure to EMF and its effect on human health and the environment. However, it has been shown by research that low-level EMFs are less likely to have adverse effects on humans and the environment than high-level EMFs.

High-level EMF radiation coming from the sun, X-ray machines, and other medical-related machines that emit radiation considered harmful to the environment. Thus, exposure to high-level radiation is governed by National and International guidelines to protect the public and the environment.

What are the sources of EMF radiation exposure to our environment?

EMF radiation that may be natural or man-made? The natural sources include; the sun, lightning, which all account for a part of the EMF radiation. EMF radiation from human-made technologies, however, amounts to a huge part of the total radiation in the environment. Below are the major sources of EMF radiation exposure on the environment.

    • High Voltage Power lines: Power lines are used to deliver electricity to different areas. They may span hundreds of kilometers.
    • Undersea Power Cables: Like the former, this is used to transfer electricity but underwater. They are mostly used in Japan, Canada, New Zealand, Europe, and the Philippines.
    • Radio and Television Transmitters: Transmitters used for radio and TV frequency are sources of exposing the environment to EMF.
    • Radar: Navigation of aircraft and missile surveillance are the basic tasks radar system is used for. 

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What part of the environment does EMF affect?

  1. Aquatic life: They have been suggestions by researchers that EMFs from human-made technologies like undersea power cables can affect the prey sensing or navigational abilities of electrosensitive fish, such as sharks and rays in oceans, and catfish in freshwater, which are in the immediate area of the cables. No study has however been made to ascertain the effect of these undersea cables on migratory fish like eels and salmon, and all the relatively immobile fauna inhabiting the seafloor.
  2. Animals: Studies have shown that EMF below the ICNIRP guideline has little effects on fauna. For cattle that graze below power lines, no adverse effects were found. On the other hand, electric fields above 1kV/m can affect the light performance of insects. When placed in an electric field, Un-insulated un-earthed conductors can become charged and disrupt the activity of insects, birds, and animals.
  3. Vegetation: Observations have shown that low-level radiation does not affect plant growth. Any damage to trees or any other vegetation occurs at electric field strengths far above ICNIRP’s levels guideline. However, you can only find such high field levels near conductors of very high voltage power lines.

Should we be concerned about the environmental effects of EMF radiation?

Protection of the environment has become important not just to the government but the people as a man cannot survive in a harmful environment. EMF effects on the environment have become one of the issues that interest individuals. It is important to know the impact of EMF on the environment to safeguard the ecosystem. You can check out Earth Friendly Products ECOS 2X Liquid Laundry Detergent.

While it has been asserted that high-level radiation can cause harmful effects on the environment than low-level radiation, there is no coordinated research on this. Check out Useful ways to protect yourself from EMF radiation


Mc Nugs

Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is harmful to humanity. The search to protect human life has been a long-standing issue. We live daily with devices that emit EMF radiation such as laptops, cell phones, microwaves, among others. I believed sharing my research on this can help create awareness in the world and also help protect us from the unseen radiation.

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