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How Safe Is The Low EMF Air Purifier?

How Safe Is The Low EMF Air Purifier?

Well, there are so many advantages of having an air purifier in the house, but there are many doubts that comes in the mind if it’s safe to have a low EMF air purifier? Due to this, we are here to dive into this topic and answer some of the questions related to the air purifier such as, is there low EMF air purifier available, is the low EMF air purifier emitting dangerous levels of electromagnetic radiations, and also to check if the benefits outweigh dangers of the low EMF air purifier.

Advantages of having Low EMF air purifier at home

In 21st century, having an air purifier at home has now become a trend, and people like to purchase an air purifier. With the increasing pollution, dust, smoke, mold, and many other things can lead to many health issues. Due to this, an air purifier is the best solution that can help you to clean the air as the air purifiers will help to make the home cleaner.

It can absorb allergens and can help in the seasonal allergy relief, slow dust buildup. It also aids to create healthier indoor air, and can make your home smell better. Moreover, it can help you to reduce the animal dander, eliminate the mold and other toxins from the air. Well, these are some of the advantages, but there are many other benefits of having the air purifier at home. You many want to consider getting one, I like to recommend Hathaspace Smart True HEPA Air Purifier because of its 5-in-1 Large Room Air Cleaner & Deodorizer for Allergies, Pets, Asthma, Smokers, and also Eliminates Pet Hair.

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Does air purifier emit the EMF radiations?

Well, every type of air purifier emits the electromagnetic radiations as well as they emit the alarmingly high amount of the EMF radiations. Instead of this, people never talk about this as it can be dangerous to the body. With the use of the EMF reader on the magnetic field then it was shocking that one air purifier hit a whooping of 200 mG, but what is the meaning of this number. So let’s discuss the units and the magnetic field in depth.

According to physics, anything higher than 1mG is considered as the high amount of EMF exposure within the living space. Then the about number means that particular air purifiers emit a higher amount of the EMF radiations than a microwave or a cell phone as these are the top of the devices that are known for the high amount of EMF exposure.

Is there any low EMF Air purifier?

Well, there are only a few brands that provide the low EMF radiations air purifiers, and they mainly design their product to produce low EMF. Including this, the main cause of emitting the high amount of the EMF is the quality of the motor used in the product.
As most of the air purification system uses an AC motor and the air purifiers with the AC motor generally emit the high amount of the EMF radiations. So the DC motors that use an AC outlet decrease the amount of the EMF radiations. So the best solution is to reduce the emission of the EMF radiations is the use of a DC motor.

Other solutions to purify the air are house plants, open windows and doors, Burn Bee wax candles, leave your Himalayan salt lamp on. With the use of natural things, you can reduce the effect of the EMF radiation, and it is not an expensive method as compared to electronic gadgets.


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Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is harmful to humanity. The search to protect human life has been a long-standing issue. We live daily with devices that emit EMF radiation such as laptops, cell phones, microwaves, among others. I believed sharing my research on this can help create awareness in the world and also help protect us from the unseen radiation.

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