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Can Human Consciousness Be Affected by EMF?

Can Human Consciousness Be Affected By EMF?

In my school days, I was having problems whenever I walked under the sun. I would have to sleep for some hours before I could regain full consciousness. The sun sends out a constant flow of solar material called the solar wind, which creates a bubble around the planets called the heliosphere. The heliosphere acts as a shield that protects the planets from interstellar radiation which is radiation that exists in the space between the star systems in a galaxy.

Studies have shown that the effect of EMF on human consciousness is related to the human brain which imbues it with receptive capacities such that a subset of its function is due to external electromagnetic influence.

The most prominent local magnetic field originates from the Earth. The planet itself generates unique EMFs that have been present since abiogenesis or informally the origin of life. An abiogenesis energy source such as ultraviolet rays or lightning discharges would help them bond. There are several principles and hypotheses for how abiogenesis could have occurred but In this article, we will be looking at some of the effects of EMF on human consciousness.

Manufactured EMF

The twentieth century has witnessed the development of multiple sources of manufactured EMFs added to the natural environment such as electrical plants which convert different energy sources into electric power, high tension electric lines transmitting power from the source (plants) to a device such as transformers, and the numerous equipment such as cell phones, microwaves, fridges just to name a few.

The effect of EMF on human consciousness is obvious, giving the number of a three-wire three-phase line running from one end of the city to the other and black bundle of wire from pole to pole which leads to residences and industries.

How EMF Influence Human Consciousness

Under the single assumption that biological systems are subject to the influence of EMF stimuli found in the external environment, it is reasonable to explore the EMF environment for signs of EMF signals which display intrinsic organizational features that might inform the areas of morphogenesis or consciousness research. The identification of EMF phenomena external to a biological system that appears to generate oscillatory patterns characteristic of physiological activity measured at the level of the cell or even the brain would support the hypothesis that cells are antennae of sorts which resonate with their environments.

Reaction of EMF On Human Consciousness

The effects of EMFs on human consciousness surround environmental, sustainability, and the character of philosophy which influences specifically, electromagnetic fields (EMF). Any interaction between cells, or a cell and its environment, has the potential to have long term implications on the function of a given cell and emerging cell aggregates. Cellular elements like microtubules are thought to play a part in the interaction between EMFs and the human cell. Microtubules are a component of the cytoskeleton and are comprised of tubulins. Microtubules are electrically highly polar structures that allow for the production of EMFs.

It was found that luminous bacteria coming from different rays increase ultraweak photon emission. Ultraweak photon emission is known as the energy released as light through the changes in energy metabolism at least 24 hours before a geomagnetic storm. Looking at the fact that luminous bacteria reliably and consistently respond to geomagnetic disturbances 24 hours before the incident suggests that they are responding to a non-chemical, non-electrical form of stimuli that are produced before the geomagnetic event takes place.

Effect of Power Lines on Health

It is the belief that exposure to the low-level EMFs near power lines is safe, but some specialists have continued to research on the possible health risks associated with power lines. Cases have shown that they are risks such as cancer-associated risks, which result from living near power lines. Public opinion holds that those risks are small and nonessential. In my view, the effects of EMFs on human consciousness are sufficiently great because human life is very important and that is why I am writing on this topic. So many other persons can resonate with me and try to avoid the risks and make the world a better and safer place to live in.


Mc Nugs

Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is harmful to humanity. The search to protect human life has been a long-standing issue. We live daily with devices that emit EMF radiation such as laptops, cell phones, microwaves, among others. I believed sharing my research on this can help create awareness in the world and also help protect us from the unseen radiation.

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