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WiFi Router Guards for EMF Protection

WiFi Router Guards For EMF Protection

World statistic shows the average daily social media usage of internet users worldwide amounted to 144 minutes per day which implies we are all addicted to technology. Unless you live totally off the grid, you are constantly being exposed to the electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation. The earlier we find ways to build a fence such as WiFi Router Guard the better. These guards allow you to prevent dangerous emf leaving a component that is unsaved.   

Many studies done by respected scientists and researchers warn us that there are health concerns associated with that. Even in our own homes, we are surrounded by harmful EMF radiation. 

WiFi is a type of EMF radiation that may pose the biggest threat. It covers the entire house in most homes, and it’s always on, so your potential EMF exposure is 24/7. I will like to recommend this TRUSTED PERFORMANCE fabric which can help protect your body from EMF, why compromise your RF shielding with low-grade? faraday fabric! TitanRF has the highest conductivity.

What is WiFi Radiation?

WiFi radiation is a type of EMF called radio frequency radiation (RF) that routers emit to maintain a constant signal to your devices.

There is growing concern that WiFi radiation causes health issues, even severe conditions in some people. These conditions include headaches, muscle aches, heart palpitations, brain fog, fatigue, insomnia, and many more.

There are things we can do to lower our risk of serious health problems from WiFi radiation exposure. One of the easiest and most effective ways to protect ourselves is to install a WiFi router guard.

What is a WiFi Router Guard?

A WiFi router guard is a box made of metal mesh that works as a Faraday cage. You simply place your router in the box and close the cover.

The mesh then acts as a conductor, which spreads the radiation throughout the mesh and prevents most of it from reaching you. A router guard can attenuate (or reduce) your WiFi’s EMF emission up to 99%.

Installing a router guard is one easy and effective EMF reduction strategy. It’s especially beneficial for families who have their router placed close to areas where they spend a lot of time.

Router Guard Options

There are several ways you can go to add EMF protection to your router. Some are pricey, but read on for an inexpensive, no-tech solution.


Smart Meter Router Guard

This is the classic Faraday cage. Smart Meter claims this guard blocks 95% of the EMF your router emits. It comes in two sizes: small (12” x 9” x 3” inches) and large (12-3/8” x 12-5/8” x 5-1/2”).  The price of the small is $52.95. It’s large enough for most modems. Smart Meter Guard EMF Shield

Faraday Defense Router Shield. This is a heavy-duty version of the Faraday cage. Interior dimensions are 3.5″ x 10.25″ x 12″, which fits most routers. Faraday Defense claims that this unit provides 60 dB attenuation (or signal reduction), which translates to a 99.9% reduction.  



SignalTamer. This is a mesh bag that works like the router guards above. You just slip it over your router.  The dimensions are 10″ x 16″, which fits most routers. The manufacturer claims that it provides attenuation of 90% to 95%. However, it also decreases the range of the WiFi signal. The manufacturer says you should still get a good signal within 20 feet from the router. 

Build Your Own Router Guard

If you can weld or know someone who does, it’s pretty easy to make your own router guard with metal mesh and some solder.

Alternatives to Router Guards

Move Your Router

Move your router to a space in your house that isn’t used much. The farther we are from the router source, the less Wi-Fi radiation we absorb.

Turn Your Router Off at Night

You can significantly reduce the risks of WiFi radiation by simply turning off your router at night. You can even change your router settings to do that automatically. To learn how, check your router user’s guide for instructions.

These options will give your body relief from the constant onslaught of WiFi emissions for the hours you sleep, every night—a significant reduction in the EMF radiation that you absorb in a 24-hour day.


This may be a last resort for some folks but replacing your WiFi with Ethernet would be the best possible solution for Wi-Fi EMF reduction.

Cheap And Affordable Router Guard SolutionLarge WiFi Router Guard

Simply cover your router with an upside-down mesh wastebasket will act like a WiFi Router Guard. Not pretty, but cheap. You could place your router on a nice piece of furniture and hide the wastebasket behind it. Consider getting this large WiFi Router guard that blocks about 95% of the EMF radiation emitted by most large WiFi routers. It fits most large WiFi routers and is simple to install, does not require any technical skills.


The sad truth about WiFi radiation is that we can’t escape it—and most of us don’t want to. We believe we couldn’t live without Netflix, Alexa, or our tablets or video games. The situation is unlikely to improve, so it’s becoming increasingly important to take steps to protect ourselves.

Controlling the toxicity from your household WiFi is a bounding leap in the right direction. 


Mc Nugs

Electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation is harmful to humanity. The search to protect human life has been a long-standing issue. We live daily with devices that emit EMF radiation such as laptops, cell phones, microwaves, among others. I believed sharing my research on this can help create awareness in the world and also help protect us from the unseen radiation.

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